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Dynamic vs. Static Web Sites

Roughly speaking, there are two kinds of Web sites: those with static content and those with dynamically generated content. These are also called static Web sites and dynamic Web sites, or Web sites with static pages versus Web sites with dynamic pages.

What is Web content? Content is everything that can appear on a Web page: text, graphics, form fields, hyperlinks to other pages, navigation buttons, menus, etc.

Static Web Sites

For a static-content Web site, all content appearing on Web pages is placed manually by professional Web developers. This is also called "design-time page construction," because the pages are fully built while the site is being developed. Static-content Web site is developed and then maintained by experienced professionals. Such Web site usually costs less when initially developed, but then all future changes still have to be done by Web professionals. Therefore a static Web site can be more expensive to maintain, especially when you want to make frequent changes to your site.

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Dynamic Web Sites

On the other hand, pages in a dynamic-content Web site are constructed "on the fly" when a page is requested from a Web browser. Dynamic-content Web site, while still developed by professionals, can be maintained directly by you, our customer. Such Web site initially costs more to develop, but then you don't have to pay Web professionals every time you need to change something on your site. If you plan to make frequent changes to your site, you most likely will be better off with a dynamic Web site.

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Please note that static and dynamic content has nothing to do with page animation.

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Last update: September 17, 2005
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